The City Ground


Mr G.Cowburn
Goal 1:
(Wright 29min)
Goal 2
(Ready 75mins)

Crossley     Miklosco
Matrecano     Darlington
Louis-Jean Ready
Chettle     Rose
Palmer     Baraclough
Scimeca     Langley
Quashie     Wardley
Petrachi   Peacock
Rogers     Maddix
Freedman Kiwomya
Wright   Gallen
Substitutes     Substitutes
Beasant     Slade
Harewood Sculley
Melton   Harper
Allou   Morrow
Mannini   Rowland

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I woke up this morning feeling excited for today's match. It was sunny and Ian Wright was going to make his debut. Other people obviously had the same idea looking at the queues for tickets.
My notes of the first 20 minutes are: Ian Wright twisting, turning, flicking the ball forward to Freedman and finding space. Then, on 29 minutes Scimeca got the ball to Wright in open space left of the goal and Wrighty doesn't normally miss from there. Forest then started to lose it yet again in midfield and the frustration of seeing the forwards not getting the ball began to set in. Petrachi had a good shot on goal which the keeper only just managed to put over the net. Just before half time, with the QPR penalty area crowded, Wright seemed to push the ball over the line for a second goal. But the QPR defender, Rose, handled the ball and the referee had no option but to send him off and award Forest a penalty. Surely a 2-0 lead at half time was going to give Forest a comfortable start to the second half. But, even with the keeper going the wrong way, Wright managed to hit the base of the goal post and QPR eventually cleared the ball away.
The half time whistle went. It was too hot for Bovril today, with the sun blasting down on the City Ground! But the conversation was about how many goals Wright might get in the second half.
QPR substituted Kiwomya for Scully and it was obvious that they were going to pack their defence and hope for a breakaway. A cross from Wright to Rogers was hit well but saved by the keeper. Rogers had a nightmare match and this was his best contribution of the game. Freedman put Palmer through and that was saved. Wright twisted and turned on the left and put a low, hard cross through to Freedman, who hit the bar from 10 yds. Wright and Rogers went through two on two but Rogers was unable to get the ball across to Wright. One of the best shots of the game came from Petrachi who sent the ball goalward bound only for it to be cleared safely away by Freedman!! This was bad luck not bad play on Freedman's part. Then on 70 minutes QPR had a break and the bleached haired Karl Ready put the ball past a 'diving' Crossley and they had equalised rather against the run of play. Freedman was substituted for Marlon. He went off to applause not, as was mentioned on Century 106 because the crowd were wanting him off, but because he'd had a relatively good, but unlucky game.
Then QPR had an attacking spell and it looked for a while that they might even take the lead. They had two clear chances to score but, fortunately, they didn't. Forest had one or two late chances to score and it seemed that we still might score. One shot came from Wright but it went over. Another from Scimeca to Allou (a late but popular substitution) to Wright was saved. This was definitely two points dropped by Forest who, overall, were the better side. Scimeca and Petrachi had good games and it goes without saying that Wright was probably the best thing we've seen in the Forest Gaibaldi for a long time. He went off the pitch looking forlorn and very disappointed. But, considering that two days ago he had not even thought of playing for Forest, we cannot have expected any more from him. I look forward to seeing him score a lot of goals for Forest in the next month and, hopefully for the rest of the season.
Just for the total anoraks amongst you, Forest had 6 corners, QPR 2. And, what was to me the most earth shattering piece of trivia I have picked up in a long time is that the stretcher bearers, dressed in green, are now called 'Ambulance Technicians'. These reports are only my opinion and yes I do sometimes get some tiny, insignificant details slightly wrong. Please don't e-mail me to tell me.


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