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Mr C.J.Foy

Swindon Town
Crossley     Talia
Matrecano Robinson
Scimeca     Hall
Chettle   Williams A
Burns     Reeves
Quashie Davies
Rogers     Thirwell
Louis-Jean     Howe
Petrachi   McHugh
Freedman   Onuora
Wright   Ndah
Substitutes     Substitutes
Beasant   Griffin
Harewood     Glass
Hjelde   Davis
Allou     Willis
Platt     Williams J

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As I live in Southampton this was the first chance I have had to see The Trickies since the friendly against Bournemouth so I was looking forward to seeing how much they had improved. Forest started off brightly with Freedman getting a shot in after one minute and Quashie after three. The Reds looked the better side but were not dangerous. It was a matter of starting at their peak and getting worse! It was also also my first experience of Nationwide referees and Mr C J Foy and his 'assistants' reminded me of the 'Keystone cops'. For example a Swindon player was running into the Forest box, fell over the ball and Swindon were given a corner. On 31 minutes Wright and Petrachi put together a move which led to Petrachi hitting the ball goalwards from 6 yards and the dynamic referee missed the obvious hand ball which prevented the ball going into the net. I have been told by the Webmaster that my report must not be too personal regarding my feelings towards individual players.
However, I must say that the Under 9's match played at half time showing endeavour and commitment would have been a good match for many of the players to have watched and taken lessons from. I could write more of who hit what shot wide in what minute but that would be as boring as the match. I was told that I had to go and check the Bovril out at half time but it was too hot and they weren't serving it iced!
Hjelde came on for Chettle at half time. Swindon started to look the better side with Ndah's pace beating Matrecano (which didn't look too difficult) and cutting into the box and sliding the ball under Crossley. Fortunately the ball hit the post. Forest did not seem to be able to find any of their own players. Even manager Platt, when he came on in the 65th minute for Petrachi, found it difficult to find his own players. I asked the bloke next to me "When was the last time we put three passes together?" Harewood came on for Freedman on 79mins. and we started to look dangerous. Platt chipped a ball for Wright who passed to Marlon who hit a shot that went for a corner. On 89 Harewood ran in from the right, beat one man, but the keeper saved. We had 3 minutes of extra time to punish us for our lack of endeavour and Ndah, on 90 was through on his own, but Crossley saved. It was left to Crossley to save our blushes and on this performance the Premiership seems a long way away. I like Petrachi, but Scimeca would be my man of the match and looks a good buy, though not playing in his real position. I'm not a great fan of Freedman and today he didn't look interested and Matrecano looks short of pace.
As always in these reports this is my opinion and my opinion alone.
Simon Cochram, a Southampton Tricky.




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