Saturday 7th
0 - 1
City Ground


Graham Poll

Goal 1:
Gayle (23 mins)

Beasant     Sullivan
Rogers     Kimble
Chettle     Perry
Stone     Thatcher
Gemmill     Earle
Bart-Williams     Gayle
Armstrong     Leaburn
Lyttle     Hughes
Gray     Euell
Harewood     Aisworth
van Hooijdonk     Cunningham
Substitutes     Substitutes
Shipperley     Blackwell
Crossley     Roberts
Freedman     Ardley
Bonalair     Heald
Edwards     Kennedy

© Nottingham Forest 1998

Well, Well, Well!!!! What can I say? What do you want to know? Alright, he played and played well as far as he could but you know after another poor Forest performance at the City Ground one thing is becoming patently obvious. It's not the strikers fault you know? We could have Ronaldo up front and he wouldn't score...there's just no supply, no support, no movement, in short no midfield. I'm not having a specific go at anyone but really. Gemmill is a talented footballer but does he know where the goal is? I saw him head the ball away from the opposition goal twice today. He even made a good clearance at one point... unfortunately from the Wimbledon goal. Before you all write in complaining I'm really not having a specific go at Scott. I do think he's a good player but it's just not happening for us is it? We are poor and unless it changes soon I'm afraid we will be what we look like...a good first division team.

Okay on to the facts... We started well and so did they. After 20 minutes Beasant had to make a good save but Pierre had almost scored with his first touch in three months. A great ball in from Chettle, some good work by Harewood created a good chance for Pierre but he was forced into the goalkeeper by some good defending. Pierre had by the way got, as expected a very mixed reception, plenty of cheers, plenty of boos. No surprise there then!!! Guess what happened though? The story of Forest's season they scored!!! It was a good cross from Hughes and a fine header by Gayle into the net. Beasant didn't stand a chance. Yes we got back into it, Stone put a good ball through and Marlon placed the ball wide on the half hour mark. Marlon had a one on one but was overpowered. Marlon played well though, as did Freedman when he came on for him, as did Pierre... Like I say strikers aren't the problem, it's the midfield. We will however thrash Derby...don't worry about that!!!!!

P.S. Remember Football is about opinions these are mine that's all