Saturday 24th
October 1998
1 - 5


Steve Dunn

Goal 1:
Owen (10 min)

Goal 2:

Goal 3:
McMannaman (23 mins)

Goal 4:
Owen (38min)

Goal 5

Owen (71pen)

Goal 6

Owen (77 mins)

Beasant     James
Bonalair     McAteer
Rogers     Staunton
Armstrong     McManaman
Chettle     Owen
Hjelde     Riedle
Stone     Heggem
Gemmill     Berger
Shipperley     Ince
Freedman     Bjornebye
Bart-Williams     Carragher
Substitutes     Substitutes
Louis-Jean     Kvarme
Lyttle     Fowler
Harewood     Harkness
Gray     Friedle
Crossley     Thompson

© Nottingham Forest 1998

Liverpool 5 v Nottingham Forest 1

Forest haven't won at Liverpool since 1969 and lost 4-2 the last two times they went there.

So, expectations were not high for a Forest victory.

But I don't think anyone was quite prepared for the enormous talent of Michael Owen.

 His first goal came after 10 minutes. Ince got the ball from Hjelde, put it through to Riedle who slotted the ball to Owen for him to put it into the top corner.

Forest briefly went level on 17 minutes, with Freedman's first goal for Forest.

Some superb, skillful ball control from Steve Stone ended with him passing back for Freedman who hammered the ball in, giving James no chance at all.

But the prospect of an away point was short lived when Chettle made a costly mistake.

Berger picked out McManaman who put the ball neatly away on 22 minutes.

By this time Owen was beginning to look unstoppable and he controlled the ball superbly taking the ball past Beasant to score his second and Liverpool's third.

 Forest had been punished for some elementary defensive mistakes and it was difficult to know what Bassett was going to be able to do at half time to convince them they could win this match.

Liverpool came close to scoring early in the second half but Riedle shot wide.

Then, not surprisingly, Liverpool closed their play down seeming content to sit on the two goal lead.

But Forest were not able to take advantage and on 71 minutes Owen was handed his third goal when Liverpool were awarded a penalty for a trip of Riedle by Rogers.

But Owen was not satisfied with three goals. James took a massive throw from his goal, picking out Owen who chose to run with it in spite of McManaman being in a good position to score.

Beasant cleared his first attempt but Owen was quick to put the ball in from the rebound.

Needless to say, Forest had fallen apart by now with the defence ran ragged and Shipperley and Freedman given no service at all.

It must have been a blessed relief for the Forest players when the match ended, but it pains me to say that Liverpool played a brilliant game.

And to think that Owen is still only 18!!!