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© Nottingham Forest 1998

On a beautiful autumnal day and from a noisy stadium Forest, tried to beat the West Ham's jinx over us.

Although the 1st half wasn't the best in football terms, Forest never looked troubled. 2 penalty claims were turned down by erratic Referee Reed, refusing any claim for a spot kick.

Ian Wright, who seemed to be looking for a record number of off-sides in a match, at last freed himself of Chettle in the 43rd min to put in a chip, which Dave Beasant put onto the post and Abou blazed over.

"Spuggy" Armstrong put a free header over from a Stone corner.

As is becoming the way with Forest at the moment, they came out for the second half looking a different team.

Darcheville let go a steaming shot on goal in the first few minutes and The Reds put pressure on the Hammers defence with efforts from Harewood and Darcheville going close.

 Even the surprising site of a screaming free kick from Chettle and the booking of Harewood for the follow up didn't stop the chances reigning in on Shaka Hislop's goal.

 Surprisingly, it was the first 0-0 draw at the Forest ground since February 1997 (according to the radio).

It was not a great match, but I thought Forest could, and should, have scraped the win when Freedman was put through by Bonalair, but his chip went just wide.

But Harewood played with considerable promise and Darcheville's speed and strength are beginning to scare the opposition.